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Hairstylists aren’t taught about inspiration, how to look for and use references from film, music, books and history. They aren’t shown how to analyze what is special, unique, or intriguing about an individual; they are simply taught how to cut hair. When they are designing, cutting, or coloring, the idea is to recognize the elements that work and the variables that don’t, rather than simply using a technique or a trick. They need to continuously look at each client, using their eyes, their touch, their mind, and their emotions to bring out the best in each individual. The challenge, of course, is to develop that eye and to have the confidence to do this intuitively. Each stylist at A Cut Above Salon has developed the innate ability and confidence to intuitively bring out the best in each individual using our developed skills and design techniques.


NOW OFFERING INDIVIDUAL EYELASH EXTENSIONS! Get a full set of long, luxurious lashes that turn heads and make your eyes POP! Get a partial set to create “cat eyes” or a few on the corners to create a sexy, subtle look! Call TODAY and let one of our Certified Lash Technicians design a look that’s perfect for YOU and your eye shape!

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