Airbrush/Spray Tanning

  • 1 Session – $30
  • 3 Sessions – $80
  • 5 Sessions – $125
  • 10 Sessions – $250

Who should Spray-Tan?

Spray Tanning is for you. Spray Tanning is for everyone.

Spray Tanning gives you the look of confidence whether you’re shopping at the mall or having a night on the town. You’ll turn heads as you pass by with the perfect tan that looks like you’ve spent hours perfecting. Want proof that it’s the hottest thing around? Just ask Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Miss Teen USA or any of our other celebrity fans.

Even if you can’t tan through traditional means, Spray Tanning gives you a beautiful golden tan that looks completely natural. Hydrating nutrients enrich your skin, giving you a beautiful glow you thought you’d never achieve. You’ll fool them all.

No time to tan but need to look and feel your best? In less than two minutes, you’ll have all the confidence you need to tackle the boardroom and the world.

You will never tell your age and your skin shouldn’t either. Spray tanning is perfect to achieve the look of rejuvenated beautiful skin. You and your bridal party will look stunning with your gorgeous new spray tan. Our complete line of spray tanning products including exfoliating washes, luxurious lotions and shimmer creams make great pre-wedding pamper gifts.

Step into a customized spray tanning session and come out with the perfect tan for your trip. Don’t forget to pack FakeBake airbrush sunless spray, FakeBake oil free moisturizer and FakeBake gelee bodywash to extend the life of your tan and keep you golden during your entire trip.

Ready for the really big interview? This is it. The opportunity of a lifetime. You have the suit. You have the shoes. Now all you need is the perfect natural-looking tan that tells them you’re confident and in control.

Spray tanning isn’t just for that special occasion. Spray tanning is for everyday. With our new full line of products, you’ll never miss a day of looking your absolute best. Class Clown Becomes Most Successful. Show them all including that girl you never could get to notice you in high school that this guy will have the last laugh.

There is no age restriction on UV-Free Spray Tanning.

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