Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Extensions

Have you been craving long, thick, natural looking eyelashes? Our Individual Eyelash Extensions will give you your heart’s desire! Our professionally trained and certified lash technicians personally select lengths and widths to create as natural or as dramatic a look as you would like. Lash extensions are individually attached to each lash. Proper placement is crucial for designing the perfect look and effect for each client. Say goodbye to clumpy mascara, you won’t need to wear it any longer! You’ll be amazed at the beautiful enhancement that your new lash extensions will give you!

Full Set of Individual Eyelash Extensions $175

Professionally applied long, luxurious lashes lasting 2-3 weeks. A full set includes 50-60 lash extensions per eye. Your lash tech will determine the best length, width and curve which will best suit your natural lashes.

Individual Eyelash Fill-In $50 and up

Approximately 2-3 weeks after your full set you will need to come in for a lash touch up. You will lose lash extensions as your natural lashes fall our and regenerate. Our certified Lash Techs are professionally trained to select the perfect lash to adhere a lash extension to. Lashes that are too short can not handle the weight of a lash extension, lashes that are too long and are at the end of their growth cycle may only last a week… choosing lashes that are in the middle of the growth cycle will give the longest lasting results. Beware…many Lash Techs in the area simply load your lashes with extensions to the wrong lashes and you will find that they will not last.

Removal of Individual Eyelash Extensions $25 and up

If you grow tired of your luxurious dark lashes, please don’t pluck them off yourself. Our staff will gently and professionally remove them quickly without pain or damage to the natural lashes.

Strip Eyelashes $20

Not ready to try eyelash extensions? Get a strip lash for a day and be glamorous!

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